Will you take my hazardous waste?

Yes,  FarmXS does take Hazardous Waste from our members.  

The farm waste we take includes, grease cartridges, aerosols, filters, foils from spray cans, dry cow tubes & wormer tubes etc.   Please contact us if you would like more information on this service or see our “What will you take?” page.

Please note this service is charged separately and in addition to our membership fees, and is only available to members of Farm XS Ltd.

On request we can quote to remove out of date chemicals, asbestos, batteries, oil cans and waste oil.

The paperwork is complicated.  FarmXS will help you with the necessary paperwork and provide you with a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note.

Most of FarmXS Hazardous Waste materials will be passed to the recycling markets, however in limited cases where this is not possible, may be sent for incineration.

Recycling Facts

98% of Farm XS collected waste is successfully recycled.

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