Terms & Conditions of Membership


All members will pay an annual subscription of a minimum of £180.  Membership fees are subject to VAT and to review.  Separate membership is required for each Holding Number.  Please contact us for a confirmed price.

Those farming between :

1-100 acres will pay £180                                       501 – 750 acres will pay £365

101 – 250 acres will pay £235                                 750 – 1000 acres will pay £415

251 – 500 acres will pay £305                                1000+ acres – Please contact us for a confirmed price


We accept plastics as identified on our current Bag Filling Instructions and will consider accepting other plastic types on a case by case basis, prior approval is required. At this time we can only accept Net Wrap at an additional charge of £15 per bag. 


Collection Charges will be based on minimum of £95 + VAT per collection, per farm for up to 2 tonnes.  Plastic should be properly sorted and bagged, and ready for loading when the collector arrives.

The member should notify  Farm XS Ltd when he has sufficient plastic available for collection, but should note that the collection Time Table will be set by the Collector according to availability of other plastic in the immediate vicinity.

There is an obligation on all farmers to dispose of plastic at least once per year.


Bags are available at a cost of £6.00 plus VAT per bag for collection either from the Collector’s site or delivered by arrangement.  Collectors are only able to accept plastic sorted into separate bags as per the Farm XS Ltd Bag Filling Instructions.  Members will be supplied with a copy of the Bag Filling Instructions on joining and will be sent updated versions as appropriate.


Storage Bags for agricultural plastic will be made available from Farm XS Ltd via the Collector and bags will be clearly marked showing the Membership number, together with unique identifying numbers relating to each bag, which will be recorded upon collection or delivery.

The plastic will be collected from your farm on the basis that it has been tidily filled into suitable bags, sorted by type, as per the guidelines and free of contamination, (as defined in the guidelines).  Any bags that are clearly unsuitable, either due to poor packing, mixed type or contamination will not be accepted.

The Collector also reserves the right to return to your farm any bags collected which subsequently prove to be incapable of recycling due to any of the criteria stated.  There will be charges for transport for returning such bags, although when the Collector is able to sort out the problem on site this will be done, but the time spent rectifying discrepancies will be charged in full to the member.


Collectors will accept farm plastic delivered to their site free of charge provided that all of the updated terms for delivery are adhered to and that plastic is delivered in approved bags.  Times for delivery to the site will be published by the collector and a prior delivery appointment should be made.  No deliveries will be accepted unless properly packed in our approved bags and the rejection criteria for collection also applies to delivered goods.


It is the responsibility of the member under E.A. Regulations to ensure that spray and chemical containers are triple washed and clean and crushed prior to recycling.  This is the responsibility of the member and it should be noted that any contamination issues will remain with the member.


The membership Annual Subscription is payable prior to the membership being accepted and this becomes an Annual Subscription, although prices may vary from year to year.  Collection and bag costs are payable within 14 days of invoicing.  All payments are to be made to Farm XS Ltd.


Farm XS Ltd are recycling all of the Farm Plastic to quality sources and this enables the collection and membership charges to be kept to a low level.  It is essential that the quality of the plastic is kept high and the contamination low.  Any member that supplies incorrectly sorted plastic or excessively contaminated plastic risks exclusion from membership of Farm XS.  It should be noted that if the packing and collection terms are broken by the member he or she will be permanently excluded and no refunds of membership or other costs will be made and it will be the responsibility of the former member to find an alternative method of disposal.  


It is essential that the plastic is clean and graded into type and Farm XS Limited will offer all members basic training on sorting, grading, packing and presentation of plastic at local collection sites upon request.


It is the responsibility of the member to deal with contamination issues and to understand that the member remains responsible for any contaminated items within their packaging.  Our tagging system (an Environment Agency requirement) ensures that all waste can be traced back to the farm/member from which it came.

It is a strict policy of Farm XS Ltd that any contamination issues will be properly reported and handed over to the Environment Agency for further consideration.  It should be noted that Farm XS Ltd accept no responsibility whatsoever for contamination and this remains solely with the member.  Farm XS Ltd reserve the right to withdraw membership from any member without explanation.

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