How does it work?

We charge an annual membership fee to take your plastic, and require plastic to be bagged.  We sell bags at £7 plus VAT each in which to collect the plastic if they are required.  Alternatively you can re-use suitable seed bags, feed bags or builders’ dumpy bags – please ensure they are not cut in any way.  We ask you to put different types of waste into separate bags. 

When the bags are full, contact us and let us know whether you want us to collect them or whether you will deliver them to our nearest Environment Agency regulated site.

We will also send you instruction guidance on separating the waste.  When your bags are full you contact your designated Collector to arrange to deliver them to his site free of charge, or for a fee you can have your waste collected.

To dispose of Hazardous Farm Waste ring FarmXS’s office on 08455 190180 to discuss your requirements.  We have available  special 20 or 40 litre Hazardous Waste bags to put your waste in as appropriate (materials such as foils, filters, grease cartridges, aerosols) .   We can also help in other ways, for example please ask for a quote to remove out of date chemicals, batteries, oil cans and waste oil.

The Regulations require that waste is removed within 12 months, so we will contact you if you have not disposed of your waste in that time.  We will provide you with a waste transfer note for your records, vital for compliance and farm assurance schemes.

Recycling Facts

98% of Farm XS collected waste is successfully recycled.

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